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    I am starting a new thread with a question that I asked in hannip's thread about A2DP on Sprint 700Wx phones...

    I recently updated my Verizon 700Wx with the 1.24 update. It looks like this update only "upgrades" the phone with Win Mobile 6 and apps. It doesn't appear to have added any bluetooth related functionality or improvements like the Sprint A2DP update.

    The performance of the bluetooth on my 700Wx is terrible. Callers on the other end hear a constant buzzing noise that masks the audio. I was hoping to try a A2DP fix to see if this problem is a software or hardware problem.

    Can anyone advise if (1) you have A2DP functionality using either hannip's fix or the Sprint update on a Verizon 700Wx with the 1.24 software update applied and if so (2) if the sound quality is upgraded with the software fix and (3) if the software fix still allows for handsfree calling support?

    Thanks in advance for all of your support and advice!
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    These are step by step instructions for installing A2DP on a Windows Mobile 6 700wx from Verizon, running 1.24, from Palm.

    The first thing you should know is:

    Palm doesn't want to spend a dime on you, so you're going to have to do this yourself.

    Palm wants you to throw your phone in the trash so you can spend $500 on a new one.

    The 1.24 WM6 software supplied on the Palm site will only upgrade you to WM 6.

    It WILL NOT make your stereo Bluetooth work properly.

    These step by step instructions will, however, give you stereo Bluetooth.

    The gentleman who saved your ****, and mine, is named Hannip.
    All I'm doing here is laying out the instructions for the regular folk.

    Hannip gets the credit.

    If it was my call, and I was Palm, I'd hire him and give him a raise.



    Here we go...

    Download the file.
    It's out there. Get it, and download it.
    The one by Hannip.

    Download Resco Explorer 2008.

    Download Total Commander for Pocket PC or Smartphone.
    (You do not use Total Commander for the PC for this installation.)

    Make sure you have both Resco Explorer and Total Commander installed before you start this operation.

    Make a folder on your desktop called "Zip and Cab Files for A2DP".

    Put your file in that folder. Open the folder. Put it on the right hand side of your screen.

    Double click open the zip file. Store the cab file in the same folder, along with the zip file.

    Disconnect the internet, shut down your security software- not your antivirus, just the firewall/spyware software- and attach your phone to your computer.

    After ActiveSync is on, open My Computer. Open your Mobile folder. Put it on the left side of your screen.

    You should now have two folders open- the one where the cab file is and your Mobile folder from My Computer.

    Back in the folder where your cab file is, highlight the cab file and copy it.

    Go over to your Mobile folder. (Do not drag the cab file over. You have to copy and paste.)

    Paste the cab file your Mobile folder. You should see a conversion message pop up.

    (If you are lacking space on your phone, and you have a storage card, you can put the cab file on the storage card inside your phone.)

    You are now done with the phone-computer connection.

    You can detach your phone and work with your phone alone from here on out.

    Go to Settings, and turn off all Bluetooth boxes. If you have any open devices, delete them.

    Basically, you want all the Bluetooth off. All of it.

    Use Resco Explorer to find your cab file on your phone, and open it.

    It will install, but it will tell you that it only installed 1 file out of 22.

    The phone will probably do a soft reset.

    That's okay. Don't freak out.
    It created another file, and stuck in on your mobile. You will have to open this file, too.

    Next step...

    In your phone, the zip file will probably end up in the folder called Program Files.

    Inside that file is a file called A2DP.

    Using Total Commander, find the zip file inside the A2DP file, open it.

    Copy all the files using the pointer to lasso them from the bottom up, or the top down.

    When all the files are highlighted go to File, then Copy/move.

    (You are still in Total Commander here...)

    When the files are selected, go to the top of Total Commander where the '/' is.

    Navigate to the Windows folder- with the files still selected.
    Send them to Windows/. Hit Okay.

    Allow them to overwrite all of the old files in the Windows file.

    Congratulations, you're done.

    Go to Settings, Memory, and shut down all your programs.

    Do a soft reset.

    When your phone comes back on, put your headphones next to your phone, and pair up the two just like it tells you in your headphones manual.

    Turn on your Bluetooth connections on your phone.

    Call the tech support for Palm, over in Mumbai, India.
    Tell them you did it yourself... in spite of them.

    You don't need a new phone.
    With this, and the file...
    You're a rock star.

    Cheap bastards.

    Enjoy your Bluetooth stereo, but be advised that Bluetooth has limitations.

    Microwave ovens, for instance, can cause reception problems.

    I do not yet know if hands free works with this, but I can tell you that with my Motorola S805 headphones, I do have control over volume, tracks, and so on. Don't yet know if the mic works.

    I've spent two days on this, and I'm going to bed.

    Figured all us non-technical people might need some average Joe directions, so I decided to help out.

    The Read Me file by Hannip basically says everything I just said... just assumes you know some stuff you might not know if you aren't on a computer all the time.

    If any of my easy to follow directions are out of whack, feel free to edit them, and repost them.


    Back inside the PROGRAM file...
    I am not yet sure if you should delete those extra files that got put there during installation.

    Maybe you can.
    Try it, and see if you lose Bluetooth.
    If you don't, then I guess they can be deleted.
    If do lose your connection, just reinstall the files again on top of the old ones.

    Keep the cab file on your card or your phone just in case you need to reinstall.

    Note: SRS WOW DOES NOT work with Bluetooth, for some reason. Don't know why, yet. You'll have to stay 'wired' for that.

    Probably wasn't written for it. Who knows.

    Don't uninstall it, though. I did that, and had to reinstall A2DP again.

    Give some love to the great Hannip for creating a file that saved your ****- and mine!

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