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    Hi! So I bought my treo 650 off of ebay brand new just a couple of months ago. It has been working perfectly until a couple of days ago where it just keeps turning off on its own. I have realized that if I put pressure on the area right next to the green power button, it turns on. Then when I take the pressure off, it just turns off again. I tried putting paper above the battery to maintain extra pressure in that area, but it's not working. Is this a common problem? Can I fix it?? Thank you!
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    grab a torx 5 screw driver and tighten up the screws...

    sounds like you dropped the phone?
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    Thanks for the suggestion! I will try that as soon as I get one of those screw drivers. But I don't think it will solve much...I haven't dropped my phone once and have been taking great care of it, not to mention that I have had the phone for only two months! Are there any other suggestions?
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    maybe the seller was the one who damaged it. you said you got it off of ebay. anyway, open it up and see what the mess is. this is not normal for treos.
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    Hey, thanks for all the help. So i took a look at the screws and they seemed a bit wobbly...i got a torx 5 and lord behold my problem is solved! Thanks again!

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