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    Has anyone used sofwtare which uses foriegn fonts? I will be travelling and am trying to get software to work that does not use english fonts. Any experiences helpful.

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    Which languages?
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    Ukrainain language please.

    Now ideally, I would have the Centro work in English but the translation software display the Ukrainian language correctly (which it isn't doing now )

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    As far as Cyrillics go, try Intertype from BEIKS. I've used it for over a year with no problems. There's also RusHack which is free, but it crashed my device pretty badly after a couple of hours of use (had to hard reset). Then is also another program (forgot the name) but that kills the IR port.
    Please note that programs that use Unicode fonts wont work (just KOI and Windows) and within the browser and the e-mail programs you need to change the font to "Large" or "Medium" (small fonts are not converted)
    If you ever need to input text in Cyrillics, you can pull up an on-screen keyboard by pressing "Option+K"
    Unfortunately, Intertype does not have a Console, which you can pop up and change character encoding on the fly without quitting the program you're using. I, however was able to bypass this shortcoming by using Accessorizer and creating an "IntertypeDA".
    Hope this is helpful.

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