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    I only recently upgraded my phone to a 700p, about 2 months ago. I upgraded my beaten-into-the-ground Samsung i300, which had served me for something like 8 years. I purchased the 700p in flawless condition on ebay for a hundred bucks after shipping. I did this rather than going through sprint as I didn't want to renew my contract. I wasn't sure if I would be staying with them or the phone.

    Before doing this, I checked out the iPhone and the WM devices. As an OSX fan, I considered the iPhone first. However, the iPhone struck me as an incredibly slick interface on an otherwise poor pda. The windows mobile phones all have awesome specs and capabilities but they all continue to suffer from the fundamental issue that ultimately led me to shelf my Cassiopeia 105(an early windows CE device) in favor of a Palm III... they simply are not as intuitive or wieldly in the PDA department. They are great swiss army knife devices, but to use as a PDA, I find myself tripping over the features. I've played with these devices from the CE days, to the PocketPC days, to the most recent Windows Mobile days, and that's the one thing that's consistent about the experience on them for me. They are swiss army knives with PDA functionality slapped on as one of the gadgets on them.

    The 700p, OTOH, is a PDA with some swiss army knife function added and that's what stuck out to me and ultimately drove my purchasing decision. For a hundred bucks, I got a phone that was virtually the same hardware as the several hundred dollar 755p, only I could use relatively inexpensive SD cards to upgrade it(for example, I can price a 16gb SD card right now for under 30 bucks, the cheapest for the micro is 60 something). Sure, it has an antenna, but uh, it doesn't get in the way and I'm not buying art, I'm buying a tool.

    It did have some rough edges, but after finding this forum yesterday and doing the 700p-755p upgrade, those are pretty much gone:
    1) Mp3s no longer skip, ever.
    2) Random resets seem to have stopped completely. During an extreme stress test of playing mp3s in the background while running tomtom navigator and receiving a call, no sign of freezing or resets. Previously, this would seem to set my phone up for a reset or freeze either immediately or within the next few hours. My phone still hasn't been reset and we've done this repeatedly.
    3) That annoying tone thing with the .10 rom was fixed.
    4) The phone in general is more responsive and feels snappier.
    5) Bluetooth just plain works, though it did work a lot better with the .10 upgrade(from .08)

    I've added some things to make my phone more useful and give it more of a cutting edge feel:
    1) A 16gb SD card. I'd go 32gb, but they are still expensive. 16 can be had for under 30 or 40 bucks these days if you shop around. Once I added this, I had room to spare after putting everything I wanted(and a ton of stuff just cuz I could) on the Treo.
    2) A Keychain GPS(I got the one here on the treocentral store) and tomtom navigator software. <-- This takes the personal digital assistant to a whole new level. Googlemaps is not even close(though it is a great and useful application in it's own right).

    All in all, I am quite happy with this phone and am glad I no longer play the bleeding edge game. If Apple ever figures out how to do PDAs, the iPhone might swoon me. As it is though, the PDA functionality seems to be glued on to a swiss army knife. A good dedicated blade beats the blades found on a swiss army knife any day and it doesn't seem to be any different with PDAs. It's just too bad that palm has broken down into such a horrible company. It should be criminal that they left the .10 rom update as the last one for the 700p, given that the 755p update for the 700 fixes most of the problems. Planned obsolescence wiped out Detroit's core market and it seems to be doing the same thing to Palms.
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    Happy to hear about your new purchase. I've had mine for about 2 years now, with added third party apps I'm so happy about the purchase.

    The 755 rom update certainly made my device snappier though I never really had issues with it.

    What I hope to see is a better OS, device-wise more RAM faster processor, and please remove that external antenna, absolutly no need in this day and age...

    A bigger internal HDD would be great, I hate having to rely on my SD card, personally that should strickly be for backup not actually running apps on it, and please do something about the size of device it litteraly is a BRICK..

    If palm doesnt get their act together I hope for a linux OS perhaps Android, that would definitly be exciting, but until then nothing out there impresses me to upgrade.

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