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    Ok, so I just got it in the mail yesterday. Very easy to set up. I bought it unlocked and all I had to do was call Tmobile and they signed me up for the smartphone plan. I have unlimited use for online,data and text. Not bad.

    Since I am a Tmobile user, I cant use the Att Music apps. Ive been using the regular email and I synced it to my Gmail. A couple times when I hit the "get" button, it freezes. Not sure why.

    The internet works great! I was able to go on YouTube, Myspace, and a bunch of other websites. The Facebook App is OK. I still have to get used to it. The status takes a minute to refresh to the most recent. Overall I just think it works a little slower pace. I had a Blackberry before so their app is ALOT better. This one is OK. From 1-10, I give it a 5.

    One thing I cant get to work is the instant messaging. Not sure why. It shouldnt have anything to do with Att or Tmobile.

    The keyboard is fine. I got used to it within 10 minutes. I went from a big Blackberry 8700 to this and yes there is a big difference but its not bad at all. People are always *****ing about it but its a decent keyboard.

    The battery drains easy! IT was fully charged and by teh end of the day there was no battery left. Granted I WAS on it alot and I had it on for almost an hour adding numbers in it so maybe that was why.

    I havent installed any apps yet. I wanted to add a few games but I dont know how.

    Overall, from 1-10, I give this phone a far
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    Gmail has peculiar time-lags sometimes when you poll mail from the IMAP server. Centro is probably waiting for the server timeout value to hit - it can feel a bit laggy when this happens. Generally Gmail servers respond fast enough.

    The 8700 is an EDGE device too. Should be similar speeds on the Net.
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    An extended battery will go a long, long way in helping you out.
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    Yea blackberry batteries are great. My Curve will last almost 3 days and I use my phone a lot. I don't understand why all companys don't do that. Oh well.
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    So for the most part, the Centro battery only lasts a day right? Thats how its been for me. I have to charge it every night. Im thinking of getting the extended battery. Anyone know how much it costs? And where I can get it?
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    Yes, you can get two types of extended batteries for the Centro at
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    Blackberrys dont have touch screen (only storm)

    Touchscreen draws more power.
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    Does anybody have the extended battery for the centro? Is it worth it?? I read a couple reviews online and one person said that the battery door tends to open...they said they couldnt take it out of their pocket without the battery door opening...???? anybody??

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