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    I have a new Centro and I get the following errors on hotsync:

    - Protocol error: unknown error (2)
    - Failed to backup 1 file(s): PmTraceDatabase

    Anything I can do to clear these errors?
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    Download a freebie program called FileZ (go to to get the program). Then find the file PmTraceDatabase using FileZ and set the option for the that file NOT to be backed up. Then, Hot Sync won't give you that error. I did a search on Google and found the answer somewhere on and also other websites including Good luck.
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    Thanks for the tip on FileZ, that solved the PmTraceDatabase problem. I'm still getting the "protocol error" message - the strange thing is that I get it when I hotsync to my home PC but not at my work PC.
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    Not sure about the protcol area....maybe Support pages may have more info....

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