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    I just got a Centro - any tips on setting up shor

    The "house" button goes to the icons for the applications - that's OK with me.
    The "envelope" button goes to Versamail - that's OK with me.
    The "clock" button goes to my calendar - also OK with me.
    The "phone" button goes to a (IMO) useless screen with little more than an AT&T logo. For now I was able to change that to go to the dialing pad.

    I'd like to be able to send/read texts without having to go through a bunch of screens to get to the "messaging" application, any advice? Same for web access.

    What does the "My Centro" Palm app do?

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    First, My Centro is just an introductory to your phone plus, I believe, it has downloads for some good programs. Best being the files program.

    Remember that each of the 'buttons' has a second use with the exception of the phone button. Go to preferences and scroll down to the buttons option. There you can change the buttons to open about anything you like. The easy way to set your messaging ap is to put it where your envelope is when you hit the option (the white key) first. You can also set the side button to open anything. Look at your choices in that preference option section. I hope this is clear, but you'll figure it out I'm sure.
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    the AT&T app is the phone app. It should start filtering the contacts if you start typing a name.
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    You can assign hotkeys/shortcuts to any program from your phone app. Then, you can launch ANYTHING from ANYWHERE by holding down a corresponding button.
    The top 3 buttons can be edited in the "Prefs" program under "Buttons"

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