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    Are any of you aware of mobile barcode scanning software applications available for download on palm os? I've got an idea how this could be used in my home business, but need reliable scanning software for my customers. Problem is that a lot of companies don't develop scanner software for Palms
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    If your device uses Bluetooth, I'd check out LaserChamp. Cordless would be a definite plus. But there's tons of barcode scanners that are made to plug right into your palm device, too. We use them at work all the time for reordering medication. There's also places you can send a picture message of an image of a barcode and it will send you info back to your phone. I had the address saved on my last phone just to mess with it and see how accurate it was.. if that helps your situation any. Not sure if there's any palm software like this. But yea, go Bluetooth if you can afford it, it will cut out sooo much hassle of wrapping cords, plugging them in, dangling, ugh. I hate them
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    check out scanlife for a solution that requires no peripheral hardware, and also works on all sorts of handsets. It doesn't perform as well as industrial-grade scanners, but the tradeoff is that it works on all sorts of camera phones. Hence, the solution will work really well in situations where you want the consumer to do the scanning, rather than the warehouseman or stocker. Check out mobilebarcodesrock.blogspot for some use cases.
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    ilyaortiz, if your goal is to communicate with as many people as possible, no matter the handset model, no matter the telecom carrier, and if you happen to be in the US (where I happen to be), then Scanlife is the best option. Unfortunately, in the near term (until the phone companies get their butts in gear!) you have to tell all those users to download it by texting the word "scan" to 70734
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    Does scanlife really run on PalmOS? I followed the links, but it only showed me versions for Windows Mobile phones MADE by Palm, Inc.
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    I got a copy for the Palm and tested it on my Palm 755P and it worked ok. I was not able to directly download it to my 755P but used my PC to find it ( and then hotsynced it to the 755P.


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