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    New to my 755p and treocentral, but not new to Palm or computers.

    Loving my new treo and almost everything is going perfect. I searched far and wide for a previous post on this issue, haven't found anything to help me out yet.

    I loaded snappermail for my email app and mundu im for messaging, still using blazer for web access.

    In the default preferences for apps, for email I chose snappermail - but it still doesn't change anything and versamail is engaged by the email button. Even after several soft resets, syncs, etc.

    In the same default preference area, "messaging" is the only option I have for messaging. Is it possible to get mundu im here so it is my default?

    I don't know if it makes any difference, but I have had nothing but problems with versamail since i started. This is the only app with any issues. It had numerous error messages and would'nt let me change options - but it did get email correctly. I downloaded new version from palm and still didn't fix it. So thats when I decided that I should just go with snapper... and snapper is great, but I would like my buttons to work as programmed.

    Any help appreciated.
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    Messaging refers to sms, not instant messaging.

    If you go to Preferences, Buttons, then you can change it so that when you press the button Snapper will open instead of Versamail - same with your Mundu.

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