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    I just switched from my centro to a Touch Diamond and after 2 days, I'm back to my centro. I love the palm opperating system. Anyways, one thing I really liked about the diamond was the Weather App. I love the graphics and the simplicity. Is there anything like that for the palm? Thanks for the info.

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    there are a few.
    Personally, I use the free KMeteo. Its a little plain but it integrates with the i-phone-style keyguard (Nexave)

    There are plenty of paid weather progggies out there too with Deluxeware's "Weather" and GX5's "Weather" having the best graphics.
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    Thanks, I played with a few. 4cast kept on reseting when I would scroll down, weather looks great but I have no desire to pay subscription, kmetto is my and looks good enough. Thanks

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    i have pocket express on my centro and its weather function works well enough for me. and its free!
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    I really like Weather from Deluxeware. It was the only weather program I ever tried that was worth purchasing. It changes the keyguard pop up into a current weather display, among other things.
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    -4cast (Never had a problem with resets like you mentioned). Good graphics and can be used as a pugin with 2day and TAKEphOne.

    -Weather by Deluxeware good graphics

    -xWeather - has an archive feature.

    -WeatherBug web site - gives current conditions from various schools, etc in your neighborhood. Also give hourly forecast.

    I use them all-Weather Junkie

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    or palmaryclock wireless which has other functions.
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    Surf to Forecast, Current, Maps, etc.
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    If you have Java installed, there's the excellent and free HourlyXCast, discussed over at:

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