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    My girlfriend just got one, I haven't seen it yet and I'll probably be able to figure it out when I get into town and see her. But she's having problems saving email attachments, could anyone give a play by play method of doing this for dummies?

    I downloaded the PDF documents for the phone, and another one specifically for the VersaMail application that the phone uses, and I understand how to do it, but when I text her how to do it step by step she says she doesn't see the option to save attachments. The attachments are pictures, they aren't big, they couldn't be more than 600Kb.

    Any help is appreciated, thank you!
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    She has to tap with the stylus on the little tiny attachment icon wayyyyyyy over to the left. It's really not terribly intuitive.
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    In the email message you select the attachment file and right click d-pad to bring up save choice.
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    Has she downloaded the entire email? Versamail only brings in the first X kb of the email by default.
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    Yeah, but you can get it to download the rest of the message manually. I've done it a ton of times (I used to email zipped prcs to myself for installation as VersaMail has a built in unzipper)
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    It can download the full thing, and it can view the attachment, so the picture I send will be on the screen, but she can't save it to the card.

    I think Miles answered the question, but I haven't tested it yet, if anyone else has any input it is welcome, but i'm pretty sure this case is closed ^_^
    Thanks everybody!
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    She's not hitting the right thing. I will need to send a picture to myself to I can see exactly what you need to hit. I do remember this confusion.
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    Here is the right thing:

    It's the highlighted icon on the lower right.

    Then click on the little icon next to the attachment name (looks like a yellow sheet of paper) A menu will pop up. Select "Save"

    When the Save dialog pops up, select the Card as the destination
    Hope that helps.
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    IF you don't hit the little yellow icon and just click on the filename, it will just open as default.

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