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    I use Outlook for my calendar, contacts, desktop email, etc., and currently have Gmail IMAP running through Chatter on my Treo 700p. I currently do not use DateBook or Agendus or any other third party calendar software. Is there any way to send and accept meeting invitations from my phone? It's a pain to make a new appointment on my phone and then have to remember to send out invitations after a hot sync.

    I am considering a "new" Centro (once they are available in black) to replace my 700p due to many years of POS use and lots of existing software, but I may also consider a WinMo device if that will get me some additional functionality (like the meeting invites).
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    Versamail can get you halfway there. Versamail can respond to invitations and update your calendar. It has a nice dialog box to either accept or decline the invitation, then respond with or without comments. But it can't create invitations. I have only done this with my exchange server account. Don't think the question would apply to a pop3/imap account.

    DateBk doesn't support creating meeting invitations for appointments.
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    ^ Thanks for the reply. I'm using Gmail IMAP with no exchange server. I think your success with Versamail is probably a result of your exchange server connection. I was never able to get it to accept invitations.

    Good to know that Datebook won't solve the problem.

    Anyone know if Agendus can interract with Chatter to send/accept meeting invitations? Could I do this on a WinMo device, or does it all hinge on having exchange server access?
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    I use the Out of Office version of Seven's Beta program which acts as a PalmOS client for my companys Outlook Web Access (OWA)

    It lets me send and receive/accept Outlook invitations.

    I'm wondering if there is some other solution via the many web calendar services to somehow text or twitter the service to send out a meeting invite that eventually ends up back in your Treo when you have a way of sync'ing with the web calendar. Anyone?

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