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    alright yesterday my treo suddenly just crapped out and now the only thing that happens when i plug it in, is i get this tricolor screen with 0.18 at the top. i can't access anything else. what happened? i did a little research and it seems like something to do with the ROM? gah! help...
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    have you tried to pull the battery?

    Or a soft reset, warm reset or a hard reset?
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    i had, battery was pulled. didnt' even get to the soft or hard reset screens or possibilities

    anyway i figured it out. this is some sort of bootloader screen, there was a short on the board near the lower connector due to oxidation or corrosion or something. i cleaned it off with a toothbrush, and works fine now.

    another symptom i was having prior to this was hotsync starting by itself randomly...this was likely due to that shorting also...

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