Arkon has discontinued it's popular line of Powered Docking Mounts for the Treo 650 given that the 650 is really not being sold anymore. As such, they are offering the remaining stock of the model DM375 at closeout pricing of $9.95 each. The original retail price was $40 when this family of mounts was introduced in 2005.

The Powered Docking Mount does act as a handsfree speakerphone device which is an added bonus to those in states that have laws against using a phone while driving. There's a built-in microphone on the front of the mount that takes the input from your voice. Persons on the other end of the call will be heard through the high quality speaker built into the mount.

Note that the hands free feature on this mount only works with the TREO 650 though the powered feature will work with the Treo 700 as well.

The DM375 docking mount comes standard with a 9" windshield suction gooseneck pedestal.

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