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    I've released FontSmoother 2.35 (identical with the 2.33h beta), my smooth font utility that gives a large choice of smooth fonts for use in most applications.

    New stuff:

    - Better highlighting support (Treo Launcher and many more compatible themes than before)
    - Cyrillic fonts for Russian (and maybe other languages--I don't know for sure if the extra letters that other Cyrillic-based languages use are included)
    - Polish fonts (this is kind of cool--they work with both Windows Central Europe and ISO Central Europe encodings; the cost for that is that they may not work for other CE languages)
    For my shareware (FontSmoother, myKbd, mySkin, Accenter, FastLaunch and AtomClock) and freeware PalmOS software, go here:
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    Thanks for the update Alex!

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