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    I was looking at MegaSoft's FastCPU program (at ) and thought it looked pretty interesting. Is anyone out there using it? Any thoughts? Does it require Hackmaster (I didn't see anything about it in the docs)?
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    Originally posted by ThirdMan
    Does it require Hackmaster (I didn't see anything about it in the docs)?
    no hackmaster required

    i prefer afterburner, seems to work better, but i havent used fastcpu since 2.3 so it may be better now
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    I use v2.3 (I guess v2.5 is out), works well. Haven't had any problems that I could ever trace to FastCPU. I run many programs at 42, but leave the others at the standard 33 MHz. It has a Fast CPU state, which I leave alone, but on an emulator seemed to work ok. If I remember correctly, when using the Megasoft MegalauncherII (which will report processor speed), my VPL (emulator) was clocked at 93 MHz. I dare not venture into that realm on my VPL. With everything else, I envision bad things.

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    I am using FASTCPU 3.0 and have set the CPU speed to 46 which it has reported as Maximum but you can go to 66 if you wish to take the risk. I for one don't want to.

    The programs are all stable including the phone applications. I have noticed an improvement in performance with some of the programs I use frequently which includes some games which require map drawing capability ie. Pocket Dimensions 3D maze game. This program in particular ran slow when trying to draw the maze as you walked. Now it runs smooth as a babies .........

    Hope this helps.
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    I have version 2.8. Use a program like benchmark or Bmeter to measure your performance before and after. With Fast CPU, u can choice between 3 set speeds or customize by app.

    Even a change from 33 to 40Mhz makes a noticable change on
    wireless Hot Sync and Blazer. The fastest I have gone is 50MHz on Liberty. Expect a few more soft resets, disconnects and shorter battery life, not the end of the world. Good luck.
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    I use FastCpu as well and it works great. I usually set the max overclock at the defualt 46 MHz, but I have experimented up to 56 MHz with no major ill effects, although battery drainage did increased significantly. Also, you must lock and not overclock any data/web app b/c it it totally messes up the application. (I wonder why this does not occur with afterburner?) Anyway, I usually overclock everything except apps like: blazer, DA, cob web, Eudora web, Eudora Mail, KBTracker, Mobilelink (Avantgo conduit) -however I do overclock Avantgo itself-, SMS, treo300sms, Trapwaever, x-master (never a good idea), verichat, etc. Having excluded the above programs, I almost never have any resets or fatal alerts...
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    This thread got me started on trying out FastCPU and Afterburner 3.20 on my Treo 300.

    FastCPU at the low end and high ends gave me screen flickering and weirdness whenever the radio was active. Adjusting my brightness up higher seemed to help a bit.

    Afterburner seemed to work okay, so I bought it. But then I found an incompatibility with some of my own software, in that it apparently doesn't like some of my custom launch codes and so I've written the author about how to proceed.

    Then I went and searched for some more, and found QuickBits. It's been mentioned on here in years past, but noone seemed to mention THAT IT IS TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

    Ahem. I've only been using it for like 15 minutes but unless it blows up my Treo overnight I'm going to declare it a winner.

    QuickBits is not overclocking, but rather it's several optimized routines. BltDrawChars speedup. WinSaveBits speedup. MemSet speedup. It also has a wait state reduction but I don't think the Treo is running > 0 wait states anyhow.

    I mainly wanted my email lists to draw faster and stuff like that. QuickBits really improves that. Give it a try.
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    Me again. Boy this QuickBits is great. It improves screen draws so much better than overclocking. Reading email and using PQAs is much much snappier. I'm a bit surprised it doesn't improve Blazer so much, though it does make it more responsive to keypresses.. unless I'm imagining it.

    Seriously, try it you might like it.
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    COOL! Quickbits is awesome!! I actually only got a score of 78 after running the test even WITH FASTCPU clocked to 46 MHz? Anyway, certianly do see a little more zippiness now! Thanks for the info potatoho!

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