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    I am planning to buy an IRDA keyboard for my Treo, so could you please give me some advice?
    Which one is the best?
    Which keyboards work and which won't work with Treo 680?
    It seems that Palm-made keyboard doesn't have drivers for 680. Would the old drivers work?
    I would really appreciate any help, because I don't want to buy something that will not work with my Treo.
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    I have the Palm Universal Wireless Keyboard with my Treo 680 without any issues. If you buy it, make sure you install the driver from Palm's support site, choose the Palm OS version for Treo 650. It worked for me.
    Jorge Costa
    Visor Deluxe -> T|T3 -> Treo 600 (2 weeks) -> Treo 650 + T|T3 -> Treo 680 + T|T3
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    Thanks a lot!

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