Curious what anyone's thoughts are on this planned 650 upgrade. I am doing this since my 650 is getting tired and I would like some of the new 755p features.

I am going to upgrade my 650 to a 755P on my windows 2000 PC. First I am going to get everything moved over from W2K PC to new 755. Once all that is in order, I will set up the vista pc and load the Palm code and sync up again. I have also not been using a backup program like NVbackup but will start on 755. Would you agree this is a good plan to get 755p stable on older PC, than move to new Vista PC. Reloading the 755p cd on Vista then syncing up. Sorry not a techie.

I am in sales (self employed) and need a better email program than Sprint connection on 650. Does Versamail work well on 755p? This was all working fine with push business connection from sprint until they discontinued. Any suggestions for an email program that works well with exchange (I am on a server with other companies) vs Versamail. I want email to be sent from the exchange server to my 755, a copy kept on my desktop, if I delete on phone it deletes on my desktop (in deleted file), will keep up with calender changes/updates etc.

How do I get all my video and pictures on to the new SD 755 card?

Thanks for any advice. I really appreciate any advice on this planned migration. I cannot afford the time for hard resets or any down time.