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    I have had the H15 which I bought from best buy for 99--need to tell clerk he needs to meet internet price (no shipping). Now for the first time on my 650 I can really hear well with an earpiece. The noise reduction feature is amazing since no one will hear anything around you when your in a noisy area. The only negative is the H15 is doing something very fancy with changing frequency to compensate for noise. In turn sometimes your not heard very well but I only had this comment a few times after I first synced.

    Also I am told in a loud or sometimes low noice area, my voice sounds like a robot. So for what I need a headset to do, I give it a nice endorsement
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    I can hear great but I am breaking up with people on the other end when talking. I tried a samsung phone which I use as a backup and it works fine. Oh well I am upgrading to a 755p so maybe better luck with that phone.

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