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    I'm trying to free up some space on my Treo 680. I deleted all email in the built-in email app and emptied the trash, yet Info still shows it taking 15MB space and holding 1350 records. I've run dbfixit and it shows no errrors. How can I find and delete these records?
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    Which email program are you using? Have you emptied the trash? If versamail, have you deleted the multimail attachments file?
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    Using Versamail. Yes, I've emptied trash. How do I delete all attachments? I'd have expected them to be deleted along with the mail messages.
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    go into filez and find the file Multimail Attachments and delete it.
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    Out of curiousty will the Multimail Attachments be recreated again the next time you rec an attachment in Versamail - or do you have to recreate the account?
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    it will be recreated automatically
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    I see my MM atachment file (16MB!) but when I try to delete it I get "This operation can't be performed on a card (Internal)". The file is on the internal memory, not the SD card. Also, if I select it and click the details button I get a "This operation allows only one item to be selected" which I don't quite understand.
    What am I doing wrong?
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    What program are you trying to delete it with???

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    Filez by the sounds of it. You have more than one item checked. You need to only have that item checked and then go into the Details and click delete.

    (I would guess you probably also have the internal folder checked but that it strictly a guess on my part.)
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    In addition, make sure the little triangle next to the folder name isn't "black" otherwise that means you're selecting the whole folder. When the folder is open, the triangle turns 90 degrees, but still remains "clear" in the middle. If it's black in the middle, the whole thing is selected.
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    Yep, must have had something else checked. Worked now. Thanks all.

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