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    I have been searching for the perfect case for the Treo Pro and I couldnt find anything i liked until now. At first, i was searching the treo forums for online stores that sold a case similar to the Incase Slider for the iphone3g. After a couple of unhappy searches, I came up with the idea to search for iphone cases to find companies that made something similar to the Slider case. Finally I found the Innocase for the iphone; so i went to seido's website and low and behold, there it was, the TP case.
    So i received the case today and slapped that sucker onto my phone.
    It was a little difficult to do because i already had the Bodyguards film on my TP creating friction. I noticed that there was a gap between the 2 pieces and the clip did not 'close' all the way. So i decided to take the BG film off of my battery cover only. With the little extra space, the Seido case fits pretty snug. I decided not to make any more space by peeling off the other BG film because I didnt want those body cracks to appear like everyone else's TPs.
    There is a rubberized texture on the outside surface similar to the Treo750 except a bit smoother, which is a plus. I was worried that it would be too 'rubbery' making it difficult to take the TP out of my pocket. The inside back cover is felt lined so that it wont scratch the battery cover.
    The case itself doesnt make the TP look and feel too bulky. There are cutouts for everything: wifi, power, ringer, volume, app, usb, 3.5mm, even a cutout for the lanyard holes.
    The front of the phone is left open, but I have a screen protector on mine so it doesnt matter. Overall, it feels good in the hands, looks well built, and wont come loose.

    For all of you who are thinking about buying a silicone case, do yourself a favor and buy this instead. yeah its $25, but i think its worth it.
    If i were to rate this, id give it a 9/10. Im a little iffy about the design of the clip, the cutouts for the buttons could be more rounded out, and the rubber texture obviously attracts some lint (but thats will all silicone/rubber cases).

    Here are some pictures i took of the case with my phone inside.
    as you can see, everything is covered except the front. Notice how the case bezel around the screen isnt too close to the screen border, therefore it did not nullify the purpose of a flush screen.
    Volume Side
    WiFi Side. The cutouts are big enough to easily use the buttons. Wish it was rounded out though...
    Size Comparisons: TP vs T750
    Here is how the case is held together. It looks strong enough, and the tight fit also ensures the case wont come loose and fall out. Also, on the sides, there are little plastic pieces that fold over and under each other like : |_|-|_| pretty neat.

    If anyone is looking for a case, you should consider this one.
    For some reason, the TreoCentral store does not sell this case; although they should since they sell its complimentary holster.
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    Thanks!! for the close-up and comparision pics. I ordered mine and should receive it monday.
    Right now I'm using e-grips (it works!) on the back of my Pro, so this product seems like an excellent solution short of someone making a rubberized back battery door.
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    I also have this Seido case and really like it. Paid $ 30 for it from Sprint store and that includes holster
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    I second this! i wear it sideways without any problems. Easy to unclip too

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