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    Hi people, have a rather annoying problem and I wonder if anyone can help. I moved to O2 last week on their sim only deal. My sim arrived, I popped into my Centro, it worked perfectly well, connected to the net, email synced all with no problem.

    I had given them my PAC code to port my number over from my previous network. If transferred Monday and that's when my internet stopped working. O2 said give another 24 hours, just rang them and get this; they said they didn't have the bloody settings for the 02 to automatically set it up over the air!

    They kindly suggested contacting Palm...but I figured I'd try cutting a corner, anyone been through this? Anyone know where to find O2 internet settings for the Centro?
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    i have the settings from a 680 if that helps
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    I could give it a try, post them up or PM me them when you get a chance. Cheers!
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    Have a look here for O2 GPRS settings (and other providers)
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    Just tried that, doesn't work...
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    Then it must be a problem at O2's end. Give them another call and ask if GPRS is set up on your tarrif. My settings were created automatically when I inserted the SIM.
    HP Pre 3 (UK)
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    Oh should be because it bloody worked last week!
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    Went for the nuclear option: full factory reset. It worked! Back up replaced all apps to the phone, even my text messages too...very happy now! Cheers for the advice thought people, much appreciated.

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