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    Hello guys,

    i bricked my Centro while flashing wrong image file.
    now device is currently in inner looping and Hard reset doesn't solve the problem.
    is there any option to flash rom image again?
    is there debug mode or safe mode so i can so i could be able to flash OS again?

    need your assistance....
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    You will have to either send it back to Palm or take it back to your carriers store.
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    Visor -> Treo 650 Cingular UNLocked (Cing. Blue Phone on Orange Network) -> vzw 700p -> VZW Centro (much better)
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    Have you tried a warm reset?

    Then try it again? or what I did a long, long time ago - pulled the battery - then copied the correct file to the card and gave it another go.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bclinger View Post
    or what I did a long, long time ago - pulled the battery - then copied the correct file to the card and gave it another go.
    That's what I did in a reset loop last week and it worked like a charm...
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    Try holding volume-down while inserting the battery. If you keep holding, you will notice, that after the palm logo screen, your Centro will will have a white screen, and the keyboard/keypad backlight will be flashing.

    Your centro is now in debug mode, and you should be able to connect to it using Palm Debugger, freely available from Palm.

    ** AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK, $You$ $have$ $to$ $use$ $a$ $serial$ $treo$ $programming$ $cable$ ($aka$ $Shadowmite$ $cable$) $to$ $attach$ $to$ $the$ $Centro$ $using$ $the$ $debugger$. $If$ $you$ $don$'$t$ $have$ $one$ ($if$ $you$'$re$ $advanced$ $enough$ $to$ $try$ $cross$-$flashing$ $ROM$ $images$, $I$ $would$ $hope$ $you$ $prob$ $already$ $got$ $a$ $serial$ $cable$), $the$ $only$ $place$ ($well$, $person$) $I$ $know$ $of$ $that$ $sells$ $them$ $online$ $is$ $randomwit$, $you$ $can$ $contact$ $him$ $over$ $at$ $howardforums$, $perhaps$ $even$ $on$ $this$ $forum$. (http://verizonwireless.howardforums....php?p=11806253) **

    I'm currently playing around with the debugger using my vzw Centro, and a serial cable (from randomwit). I'm trying to find a way to attach to the debugger while the phone is running, which is usually done by drawing a special grafitti sequence...

    Taken from the Palm Debugger user's guide:

    "In order to use the console window to communicate with the device, the device must be running a "console stub". The console stub runs as a background thread on the device and waits for commands over the serial or USB port, processes the commands, and then sends responses back. Because the console stub runs as a background thread, it does not affect the normal operation of the device and applications can be used normally while the thread is running. However, because it requires memory and system resources, it is not normally started up unless specifically activated by the user. Once started, the console stub continues to run, and prevents other applications (like HotSync, for example) from using the serial port until the device is soft-resetted."

    There is an option for USB in the debugger, however it's mentioned multiple times in the user's guide, that usb is not implemented yet, even though the option exists in the connect menu.

    I would guess a 3rd-party debugger, perhaps by the peeps that make CodeWarrior, might have a lot more functionality and connection options. However if you can't even boot into PalmOS, then you're probably still stuck using a serial cable to use the debugger accessed by holding the volume-down key when inserting battery.

    I don't know if this will help you recover your device. I think it's powerful to do this, but figuring out how would be the challenge.

    At the very least, it's maybe something to *do* with a phone for which you could not do anything else with.

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