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    Is there a program out there that will tell me which app is running in the backround. Sometimes my battery will drain fast and want to know why.
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    Apps don't actually runn in the background on Palm like they do with other operating systems as it doesn't truly multitask. There's a free utility called Palm Internals that can give you an idea of what might be draining your battery though.

    (I would look for those apps that act on their polling every 5 minutes, internet updates, etc.)
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    Or sitting in a low signal strength area.
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    I used the trial version of Power Hero and it helped quite a bit with battery life. I just paid to register it today.
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    The funny thing is, when my battery starts to drain. I do a soft reset and that takes care of it
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    Has anyone had any problems with Phone Technician causing the battery to drain. When I removed that program my phone is fine again. Just a thought.

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