My Centro has been great for over a year, with only one exception: Occasionally Versamail gives me (and a guy I work with) an odd "Out of Memory Error." For me it happens in maybe 1 out of 100 email downloads and I just ignore it and never get to see that email (no big deal, usually.) But today my friend's versamail is completely unable to download any email at all. I want to just erase all Versamail files with Filez and start over but can't seem to find them all. When I do erase the files I find, when i go back into Versamail it still sees the old accounts. I tried setting up a new account but still get the "Out of Memory" error. Two things to keep in mind:

1) The Centros (mine and his) are NOT out of memory. We have plenty.
2) Soft Reset doesn't do anything.

Can anyone please list all the files related to Versamail so I can delete them and start over? I hate to reformat/hard reset the entire phone just because of this!

Thank in advance!