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    i dont know if this is a outlook issue or palm

    i downloaded a trial version of outlook 2007 to sync my palm, i also downloaded the new Palm Desktop mngr
    i was able to successfully sync it once, calndar and contacts but not the notes,
    calendar was fine, the contacts needed a little organizing so i was creating new categories and moving things around and i deleted one of the categories i made and poof! all the contacts are gone!
    i tried to sync it again and it deleted all the contacts from the palm phone, so i went back to the plam deskmngr, and synced it again.
    now when i try to sync it with outlook again it goes through the syncronization but displays messages at the end and it says that calendar sync was aborted and rest was sucessfull, yet in the outlook i only have the calendar and no contacts

    i need help how to sync the palm with outlook, as outlook is not my strongest point so please be patient with me,
    i really really need this ( i dont care about the emai section of outlook)

    i also downloaded the outlook conduit file for palms and still nothig

    help me please
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    Can you restore your centro from a backup (like NVBackup)? It sounds like you have a corrupted database. You can try TealScan to fix it but simply replacing those through a backup would be better.
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    i was able to restore the numbers from the plam desktop mngr on my pc so the centro does have all the contacts on it
    the problem im having is that i can not get it over to the outlook 07 it drives me nuts
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    The problem is that if the databases were corrupt, bringing in more data from the desktop manager won't correct the corrupt database. It'll only add files to the corrupt database.

    If you don't have a backup (which there is not a good excuse not to have one since NVBackup is free and reliable), another option is try TealScan. If that doesn't work, go into the centro and delet the contact database and start a new one. At that point have the Palm Desktop overwrite the handheld.
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    ok but i dont care about palm anymore,i switch to the blackberry
    all im trying to do is transfer the contacts and calendar out of the centro to the outlook,
    the hotsync mngr shows that the sync is in progress yet nothing migrates to the outlook,
    i dont care if there is anything on the centro after that, i have it all in the palm desktop mngr and i did back it up too
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    have you tried running one of teh database scanners to confirm that your databases are not corrupt? If they are corrupt, you are not syncing anything until that is resolved. As you have described is typical behavoir of a corrupt database.
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    i did not, i could try it, how do i do that??
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    As suggested above: TealScan or dbscan
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    i tried that, and all the data is fine, no corruptions were found yet i still can not sync the contacts to the outlook,
    ahhh im about to give up on this ,
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    Does the palm desktop have an export feature?
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    yes it does, but it only has an one option for each catrgory

    so the calendar is .dba
    address .aba
    memos .mpa
    do to .tda

    is there something i can do with this??

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