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    I've been thinking of getting a cradle for my Centro and was looking at the Phoneo Cradle Speaker System in the Treocentral store. It is a cradle with speakers that you can use to either play music or use as a speakerphone, in addition to charging and hotsyncing. There are only two user opinions posted in the store description and doing a search in the forums comes back with absolutely nothing which kind of surprises me because it seems like a pretty good idea. The two who did post said that the speakerphone part caused an echo to people on the other end. I don't really care about the speakerphone, I just want to be able to blast some tunes on the speaker when on the road. Has anyone tried it?


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    I have not tried that one but...
    I did buy a Altec Lansing IMT1 Palm Treo 650 InMotion Mobile Audio off eBay.
    I have used it with a 650, 680, Centro (I have a Seidio hard skin on my Centro).
    It works great with all three. They sell on eBay for around $15 new sealed.
    It does all the things the one you saw does.
    Check it out.
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