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    Hi Everyone

    I just downloaded Chatteremail for my centro as a means to get push email through Gmail. Everything works REALLY well, but the only thing that I cannot seem to customize relates to the sound when an incoming email arrives into chattermail. I have tried to change the sounds settings within the default palm application as a means to modify it, and have already tried to customize the notifications tab within chattermail itself. For some reason, I cannot get it to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated in helping me resolve this issue

    Thanks so much again
    Andy k
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    I think it's the same sound for messaging under system (not Chatter) prefs.
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    When you are in the gmail account, go to menu, edit mailbox, account define, there should be an option for notification for that specific email account (in other words if you had two email accounts - gmail, work- you could have different notifications for each.) If that doesn't work for you, then i'm not sure what to tell you.
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    I tried to change it in the system, and cannot seem to still make it change. Not sure what the problem may be. In fact, the sounds in the system section for messaging, calenders, etc. are not the same as the sound that appears when I get a new message in Chattermail ..

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    Brilliant ! Thanks so much everyone for your assistance

    Andy K

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