I did a search for these problems already, but didn't find any solution. My problems are:

1. I used to be able to send files via bluetooth from my Centro to other phones. Now it will not play nice with any phone. I've sent files to Windows smartphones with no problems, but now, no dice. I can only send contacts to my sister's LG Rumor, and Verizon phones are a no-no. I know Verizon blocks certain things, though. These phones see mine, but mine will not see theirs. I make sure the phones are set to visible and bluetooth is set. The phones will pair, but when I try to send, it says "cannot send to (device name)".

2. When I am finished with a call, the call end screen will pop up. When I hit the end button, the phone will lock, then when I unlock, the screen looks as though it is still engaged in a call.

Sorry for the long post, but any help will be appreciated.