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    Hola. Yesterday after a full day phone use, battery life reached critical and I shut down when prompted. Phone charged all night, shows that it is charging with screen icon and the little red light, but does not charge above 2%. I have restarted a couple of times, but no change. Perhaps related, I also tried to syncro while phone was plugged in, but connection doesn't establish between Centro and computer. I am less concerned about they syncro...that has happended before and corrected itself. Battery prob is distressing because I am in the Dominican Republic and unlikely to find anyone qualifed to look at the phone or have another battery or charger. Thoughts? Recommendations?
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    how are you trying to charge it? With a USB cable or a wall charger? Usually a USB cable will not work when it gets that far down.
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    When you say you did a restart, do you mean a soft reset, or hard reset?
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    test another battery from a friend or someone and see if the problem is the battery of the phone
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    and if its the battery u can order one online pretty easily no matter where u are

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