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    When I try to view CBS sportsline on my centro it gives me this message
    "WML Content contains invalid syntax" anyone know what this means? Thanks in advance.
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    I get it too, I think their wap site is messed up. I have switched to ESPN
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    If you really want to view try typing and loading and then putting the site in there. I tested it and it works. That is google's site that can make most non-mobile sites readable on a moble phone.
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    This is a very cool tip. I've saved it as a bookmark for pages that are too big or don't load. Thanks!

    When I did a search on the term "google gwt" I was pointed to sites about the google web toolkit - much of which I didn't understand. It looks like it's a java interpreter.

    Could you explain more about the /gwt/n functionality? Is it part of the "google web toolkit" or something else?
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    I'm on AT&T and have had problems on several web sites just started today. Is this a AT&T problem or Centro Browser?
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