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    Okay so I purchased the Treo 680 directly from Palm a while back, Unlocked GSM... recently it has decided to stop connecting to the network, after much troubleshooting I've determined that there is a problem in the phone. This could possibly be fixed by opening it up and playing with the contacts that touch the SIM card, but the phone is cosmetically beat up and also is displaying other quirky behavior.

    Anyways I want a replacement device for my beloved 680 but I can't figure out what to get, any suggestions?
    Work has issued me an iPhone, so I've been carrying that an the 680 for several months, the iPhone is OK but I miss the physical keyboard on the Treo. I'm not a fan of blackberry in general, though the Storm I think it is? looks neat.. but it's CDMA only, if I'm not mistaken.

    I really like the Palm OS and Palm products in general, the problem is that the 680 is the 'best' 'newest' that they have for GSM/AT&T, besides the tiny Centro. Why can't someone make a PalmOS device with the iPhone look and a physical keyboard like the Google Phone? (oh and while you're at it, make it accept two SIM cards so I don't have to carry two damn devices lol)

    I looked at the HTC Fuze, but it's windows, I'm a Mac/PalmOS guy so having a Windows Mobile device would probably kill me..
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    Same here. I can't bear WM bloatware, and the iPhones are just not the type of device that my 680 is yet. I've promised to wait for Nova to materialize, but that is more like a fairy tale.

    Looks like I may settle for the BB OS and that killer looking big screen device. Been begging Palm for a "GSM" TT3 for years now, so maybe that's as close as I'll get?
    Patrick Horne
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    When I had to replace my Treo 680 I bought another Treo 680. I am trying to hold out for something better. Some more time on Android and a few more hardware designs might tempt me. I was looking at the BB Storm today, but I am on GSM service. Maybe we will see a new Palm phone with backwards compatibility for PalmOS sometime in 2009.
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    When my trusty Treo600 started freezing on me this past summer, I got a Treo 680. The battery drain was terrible. I replaced it with a Centro- the battery life is somewhat better. I miss the keyboard of the Treo 600- the Treo 680's was okay; I make significant typing errors on the Centro. I miss the slightly larger screens of the 600 & the 680.

    I keep reading the Treo Pro thread. Based on what I read, I hold out for the next Palm-based device. If there is none, I will check the BBs- hopefully they get a functional touch screen by then.

    Good luck on your next device. P.S. I stripped my Treo 600 of all third party s/w and it kept humming along since.
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    Need GSM, but I played with the Storm today. Beautiful screen that I want, web, mail, and Office apps are of course killer. But, it was very cumbersome to get around on compared to the 680 and Garnet. I'm sure I need a few hours to really understand it, but I fear the loss of one handed use and Palm's various shortcuts.
    Patrick Horne
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    As would I. Almost nothing is as fast as the 680's keyboard. If mine died, I'd seriously consider getting another one. The thought of transferring thousands of names to another operating system doesn't leave me too excited, either. Plus - the loss of threaded SMS, cut & paste, user-replaceable battery, etc. Please Palm - don't die!
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    Maybe if we all pitched in we could "bail out" Palm. They need about $200m I would think to get Nova devices out the door.

    Let's see $200m divided by uhhh, 37 remaining Palm fans = :-(

    Looks like we better get our socialist government to throw that in with the banks, investment companies, and automakers deal. It's pennies folks, just pennies.
    Patrick Horne
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    Just throwing this out there... but if you want to replace your 680 with a 680, I've got one I'm not using - unlocked GSM, about a month of use. Shoot me a PM if you're interested.
    David Swinehart
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