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    I've had my 755p for a year and a half, i really like it but both my batteries (sedio extended and OEM) are starting to lose charge really quickly...

    Anyone have any tips.... I already have beam and bluetooth turned off...
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    Batteries have a limited charging life - maybe they are near death? I have two 2200mah batteries from seidio and they both are in still good shape - but I may not use them as much as you do.

    I have all options on except Bluetooth.
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    Have you installed any software around the time you started noticing the battery drain?

    Some applications can cause this.
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    Do you spend much time in poor signal areas where the phone needs to search a great deal? That can be a real drain.

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    Life as a cell phone battery can be pretty tough. Constant draining, charging, charging while draining, hot, cold, moisture, getting banged around, etc. Its pretty likely the batteries are at the end of their useful life. They generally last ~2 years. Both my laptop batteries exhibited the same behavior starting last week and they are almost exactly 2 years old. But check on apps running in the background and signal strength first.

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