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    I see that DataViz has just released DTG 11. Seems like the only changes from version 10 are:
    • View tracked changes in word processing files

    • Apply and view Styles in word processing files

    • View border and wrapped text in spreadsheets

    • 10 starter Templates included for creating Word and Excel files

    So you can have all of this for only a $29.99 upgrade fee or $49.99 for new users. Sounds crazy expensive to me for the additional functionality.
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    Yes, it's an extreme rip-off as usual if you have a recent version. I find very few of their $30 upgrades are worth it actually. I did pay for version 10 for my Treo 755p (in July) to get Office 2007 support, but as it turns out, I would have to pay another $30 for this one. NOT going to happen! IMO, DTG are the greediest of greedy when it comes to upgrades - they make every little tweak a version upgrade. This should be v 10.3 and made available FREE to any purchasers of v10.x. I won't upgrade again until they offer other file formats which will be something like version 15.

    That said, if you don't have version 10 yet and you need support for the new MS Office file formats, then yes, this is worth it.
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    I agree. Many of their upgrades for $30 should be free updates.
    This has been their MO for a while.
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    It prob. also uses 75% of your ram as well.
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    When there is no competition why not charge outrages prices?

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