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    I recently upgraded to the shiny new Sprint HTC Touch Pro, and converted over to Windows Mobile.

    I do miss my Palm OS on my Centro though. I LOVED this phone to death. I am trying to sell my Centro to recover some of the cost of purchasing the Touch Pro, but I was consider to purchase a Centro with a bad ESN just to use as a PDA type device to play with my old palm programs. Would it be possible to get internet on the Centro from like a USB connection with my laptop? There are somethings that I would like to do on the Centro which requires internet. Like, something I might be imaging would be like I could download my email to my phone and read them on the go, and then it would reply, then the next time I sync with the computer, then it would send off the emails that I wrote. I could also use it to read ebooks and stuff. I am sure I can be creative and find tons of use for it.

    My underlying question is, can I get internet on my Sprint Centro by connecting it to a laptop? Can I share my laptop's internet with my Centro?

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    Wow! That is pretty cool. I might try to get an old Centro and give it a try.
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    or you can download and run styletap on your htc

    its a emulator that allows you to run palm programs on your winmo device
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