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    Hey everyone, having a problem with my centro , it froze so i took out the battery and powered it back up, now whenever i press the home button for my apps it says T-launcher .. error 32 uninitialized bitmap and wont go to my apps page, the only thing that works is the phone screen, can anyone help... Thanks
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    Do you have a 3rd party launcher installed?

    Try doing a warm reset - hold the up arrow while you reset - so that nothing loads and then see if you can get to your launcher.
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    If you can get to the regular launcher, you might have to uninstall TouchLauncher (I'm assuming that is what TLauncher stands for) and reinstall it.
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    Thanks guys , the warm reset did the trick
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    To exit t-Launcher while in t-launcher you need to go to options and scroll down to exit. That will take you back to the palm installed launcher.
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