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    Does anyone know if the insides of the Palm Centro are interchangeable between carriers?

    I need a new keypad and see some sold on eBay for the Verizon Palm Centro. I have a Sprint version and was wondering if there would be any problems.

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    I don't know for sure, but I would expect the keypads to be the same. The only real differences between the Sprint and Centro phones are probably at the firmware level and possibly the radio. Keeping the rest of the parts the same reduces cost, so that's what I'd expect Palm to do.
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    Well, I have one on the way so I'll find out for sure in a few days. Thanks for the reply.
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    I can confirm they are the same. I bought a replacement from a hong kong guy on ebay and installed it in my sprint centro and it works perfectly. Be advised you need to have a surgeon's steady hand and i recommend a blowdryer to remove the old one from the metal backing.
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    I received them yesterday and they work just fine, no problems.

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