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    The screen is trashed on my 700p... can't see a thing. If I upgrade to the 755p, what is the best way, if even possible, for me to transfer my contacts and calendar appointments to the new unit?
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    Does the 700 work at all? If so, you could beam the databases over to the new phone.
    Have you been using a backup program like NVBackup? If so, get a new card, copy the contents of your regular SD over to the mini and do a selective restore with the databases only.
    Have you been hotsyncing? If so, you can just hotsync the data back to the computer and then hotsync it to the new phone.
    That's three ways.
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    The 700 works but I can't see anything on the screen. I've not been using a backup program.
    Yes, I have been hot syncing... So can I just by the new unit and plug it in and hot sync it? This won't mess anything up? No new software to install or anything?
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    If you've been hotsyncing, you've been backing up. That's what a hotsync does.

    When you install the 755p software, it will prompt you to do a hotsync. At that point, it will restore all your data and programs to the new device. The registration codes for some software may not properly transfer, however, so you may need to re-apply those.

    While this will work, you might not want to re-install all your software that way. This would be a good time to clean things up, get rid of the garbage that can build up from installing & deleting software, etc.

    If you look in the Palm (or PalmOne) folder on your computer's hard drive, you'll see a sub-folder with the same name as your hotsync id. Under there will be one named Backup. I'd suggest renaming that folder to something like Backup-11-20-08 (or whatever the actual date is) before installing the new software. Then, when you hotsync, it will restore all your PIM data (calendar, address book, notes, tasks), but not all your other programs and data.

    Now you can reinstall, from scratch, the programs you actually need and use.
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