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    I had reported thisw a couple of months ago and the problem is still here. When I firsdt start takephone, I will see the Roaming symbol (I'm assuming that is what the R is for beside the signal bar) for a split second before it disappears. This does not happen each and every time that I open takephone but happens at least twice a day and only when I first start takephone.
    I'm assuming 2Day has identical code for displaying roaming. I however have never seen the Roaming symbol displayed in 2Day or any other program since I've been back from Canada and that was over a year ago.

    I find it very unusual that this only appears in Takephone and only ever appears when I first start takephone. It behaves as if either the roaming variable is defaulted to yes until it is updated from the system or the initial picture in that area is the roaming symbol (again until it is updated by the system) and that sometimes there is a delay in the update. It started sometime after the alt key cycling through the ibar screens was implemented (I don't remember the revision number).

    For what its worth this is on a verizon 700p. IF this were random misreporting from the system, I would expect to see this behavior in other programs and/or at random times while in takephone and not just in the first 0-2 seconds of starting takephone.
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    This use to happen to me but it stopped some time ago. I just don't remember under what circumstances it stopped.

    I have a Sprint Centro.
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    I double checked my code, but only see calls to the standard phone library, and no reason for a mistake from my code.

    Anyone else see this ?

    Is this repeatable ?
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