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    I am anxiously waiting to upgrade to a new verizon smartphone as my plan is due for renewal. While I wait for verizon to release their phones- Blackberry Storm (Nov 21), Samsung Saga (released, available online only), Samsung Omnia (early December, after the storm settles), HTC Touch Pro (Nov 24), and possible some sort of Treo (january)- I have tried to find ways to give my old treo 700P new life-

    Downloaded a launcher program called Touch Launcher, giving the phone an Iphone like atmosphere. Very Cool software and cheap.

    Downloaded Kinoma Player 4, and can now receive Youtube videos and podcasts. Nice.

    Downloaded the Facebook application, and picked 755p as my phone in the installation process- doesnt matter, works perfectly fine on my 700p.

    Amazing what third party software can do- I've now converted my old 700p to an uptodate device with all the capabilities of the newer phones.
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    congratulations. now all you have to do is hacksaw the antenna off.
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    that would mean I would have "upgraded" to the treo 755p

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    A new set of egrips will spruce it up nicely.
    Good Luck
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    All hail Third Party Softwares! Btw, what does the Touch Launcher actually do?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gekko View Post
    congratulations. now all you have to do is hacksaw the antenna off.

    Stereo Bluetooth ...
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    Having a launcher that looks like the iPhone isn't going to make the screen behave like the iPhone or Storm.
    Nothing is going to add a camera flash or 3.2 megapixel.

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