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    I'm wondering if I should buy an extra Sprint Treo 755p as a spare buckup? I've seen ads for used 755p for as low as $150, and even lower.

    Or should I just wait for the next Palm Treo? Is this wishful thinking? I'm not interested in anything Windows.

    My original blue Sprint Treo 755p still works well, and I got it the first day it came out. Everything still works well, except now the letter "t" button is starting to act weird, and requires more pressure. I still get the occasional soft reset problem when entering the Web application which irks me, but I've learned to live with it.

    I played with a friend's Google Android PDA phone recently, and I got instant envy of the fantastic web browser on the Android. The page scrolling action and automatic screen rotation was fantastic! I wish my Treo had the same web features. Oh well.
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    While I did so with the I500 I would not with the Treo 755p.

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    I bought a Centro in June to replace my 700p. My contract was up & I just didn't feel like waiting for the NOVA Treo. I was really getting boared w/the 700p. However, if I had to do it now, I'd wait.
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    If your 755 is running as good as mine, I would say yes. I have Chatter and a bunch of other programs dialed in and running perfectly. I've thought the same thing myself.
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    When is the next release date? If I remember correctly, it's still months away. Pick your poison.
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    I just bought 2 brand new ones on ebay for $350 delivered. I have 6-7 users in my office and wanted to have spares. This way, I don't need to sign up for a new 2-year contract from Sprint.
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    I was having keyboard problems on my 755 too, my a and p both got funky and only worked part of the time. I took it to the Sprint Store, they opened it up to see if it had gotten wet and then dropped a new keyboard in--in under an hour. It works like new again. The said that there were known issues with the longevity of the keyboard. You might give that a try.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Casey Cheung View Post
    I'm wondering if I should buy an extra Sprint Treo 755p as a spare buckup? I've seen ads for used 755p for as low as $150, and even lower.
    I have a spare Verizon Wireless 755p in my drawer for just that reason. It was EOL'd right around when my second 755p died the Access Screen of Death this past May. For less than what I bill in an hour, I have the comfort of knowing I have another unit squirreled away in case this one decides to go south.

    (Oh, my first 755p screen shattered --- my bad.)

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