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    Is the Palm OE charger High Output? Reason i ask, is I got a $5 car charger from ebay. It takes forever to charge the Pro.

    I was out last week and left my car charger in my work truck, so I bought one from Sprint for $40 ....ouch.

    Anyway, their car charger charges my device in about 1 hr. Crazy fast.

    So, now I am wondering if the Palm OE wall charger is H.O? If not, I will replace it.

    I have been looking at the Moto H.O Microusb wall or Seidio Wall chargers. to use with the Pro when I am streaming media through my bluetooth headphones or using WMwifirouter.
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    Did you check the charger specifications? Look for the out put rating in mA or A (milli-Amps or Amps). If 1000 mA or 1.0 A, then it will be a fast charge. Other chargers may be 500 mA or 0.5 A.

    Hope this helps.

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