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    First, a big of background information. I have a black GSM / AT&T Centro that is locked to this carrier, however has been flashed to the GSM Unlocked ROM provided on this forum (thanks, guys!). This Centro is about 5 months old. This centro is loaded with software! I have a second white GSM unlocked Centro purchased directly from Palm. This one is about 5 days old. This centro only has Resco Explorer and ChangeName (I use it to set the HS id as I don't sync) installed.

    Both have been testing with the same SIM card...

    On the black/AT&T centro, the signal (bars on phone) appear to be lower than on the white centro. In my house, in my office specifically, the black centro loses signal (flashing led) or only retains 0-1 bars (if I'm lucky). The white centro (same SIM) will hold 1-3 bars at the exact same location.

    The white centro also appears to hold the signal better on my commute home from work, never losing signal. The black phone loses signal in a couple of locations.


    Is there an obvious reason as to why the black phone gets worse signal than the white? Could it be that it is an AT&T model where the white is GSM unlocked from Palm? Could being locked to the carrier matter? Is it possible that software is causing the lower signal strength?


    On both phones, same sim card, I've dialed #*744625 from the dial screen in Phone. This brings up a form showing RSSI, which I've determined to be signal strength. It also shows EC/LO. I can't find anything reliable on EC/LO in my searches on the internet, but do find reference to EC/IO. Is this a typo on the form? On the black AT&T centro, it reports:

    RSSI: between 1 and 21 depending on location (good at my work)
    EC/LO: 24368

    On the white GSM unlocked centro, it reports:

    RSSI: between 1 and 21 depending on location
    EC/LO: 51648

    What specifically is EC/LO and does the higher number equal better signal strength or call clarity? Again, could the fact that the black one is loaded with software?

    Thanks in advance for any insights you can provide!

    Tungsten E, CLIE TJ27, TX, CLIE TH55 E2, Treo 650, Treo 680, Centro
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    I'm one of the original Palm users from the Palm Pilot forward. I was unhappy with the phone performance of the GSM Centro on AT&T. Last week I switched to a first generation iPhone and i couldn't be happier. The overall phone quality, sound, coverage and Bluetooth is so far superior even before considering all ofthe things that the iPhone does above and beyond the capabilities of the Centro.
    Mark Bergman

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