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    Wonder if someone has tried this before:

    I have a USB sync/charge cable for my Treo 680, the type you can plug in one end into a USB port. I was wondering if I could plug this cable into the USB end of my iPhone's (small brick) charger, to charge my Treo 680. My purpose for doing this is to minimize what I have to bring with me during my next trip. Basically I would just bring the iPhone (small brick) charger, its cable, and the USB sync/charge cable for the Treo.

    The iPhone charger says it's 5 volt, 1 A. My regular Treo 680 charger is also 5 volt, 1 A.

    Any insights appreciated. Has anyone tried this?
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    it should work as i charged my ipod with the same charger that charged my blackberry.
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    Thanks for the reply. I tried it last night, and it worked :-)
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    Be careful not to let the phone run dead flat. I got caught with a completely flat phone only to find out it won't charge from the USB cable unless the phone is actually running. Not much fun when you run out of petrol and phone battery at the same time in the desert an think "Oh, I have my laptop here I can just charge the phone from that".

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