I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a call from my husband that went like this:
"I'm going to Costco on the way home, do you need anything?"
I usually start rattling off a bunch of stuff when he stops me and asks that I text it to him. Easy for him to say, but kind of a pain in the **** for me to do as I end up dropping everything to type up a list. That was the old school way.
Now let's try that again. The call comes in, but this time I tell my husband to hang up and then not answer when I ring back so it goes to direct to voicemail. I proceed to leave him a message with a list of the 5-6 items I need and within minutes, he has that list in his text messages. How cool is that?
The new world scenario of voicemail-to-text is one being addressed by a Southern Californian company called YouMail, with their expanded line of service offerings. Last Thursday, this provider of voicemail transcription services for mobile phones unveiled a high-quality transcription service where humans are involved to improve accuracy.

"We found that people were willing to pay for higher quality transcription," said Alex Quilici, the chief executive officer of YouMail, Inc.
Fees for the new service run $6.99 per month for Centros, Treos and other smartphones, for up to 50 transcribed messages a month to be sent by text or email. For those with "non-smartphones," the fee is just $3.99 per month for the same number of messages.
YouMail is also offering unlimited transcribed email messages too, though Quilici said that so far, only 5% of the customers get more than 50 messages a month. If you stop to think about it, that makes perfect sense considering how the slowdown in the economy has put a damper on activity in real estate and other sales-related activities. When things take off again, those needing the unlimited plan will be glad to know that it only runs $17.99 per month for their Centro or Treo.

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Annie says that she'd be curious to hear how those with service from Verizon or AT&T enjoy using this service. Let her know your thoughts. Don't forget to mention which email client you are using on your Treo/Centro.