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    hi there, I notice that my GSM centro takes very long to sync, mostly stuck at the "SYNCHRONIZING PHONE" message on the palm screen. It does work and sync Ok though.

    What does that do? Is it the calls and SMS database? Any suggestions to speed it up?

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    I don't remember whether media is under that header also. I don't think it is. But I'm pretty sure that your phone backup is done under this header. BT hotsyncing is slower than with a USB cable.
    Look in your hotsync settings. Are you doing anything with media or do you have the phone backup to the computer? Those two will definitely increase the length of time for a hotsync. (If you are doing a backup that way, I would strongly suggest a device based backup like NVBackup using the option to export to an ftp server. It is more reliable and still keeps the redundancy of offsite backup)
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    thanks. yes, I am syncing to the computer. what can I do about it?

    I have NV backup to an sd card, but the card is on the phone.

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    How many contacts do you have? This could really impact Hot Sync time.
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    For bluetooth syncing, I would set the backup conduit and the media conduit to do nothing. That should speed things up significantly. Just remember you will have to manually transfer any pictures you want to keep to the computer. This will also eliminate the syncing backing so you need to do soemthing to make sure that you backup files live somewhere other than only on your card in your phone (in case it gets lost or stolen).

    At least try those two settings and see if it takes care of the problem. If it does, determine if the loss of the syncing will impact you in those areas.
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    thanks, I'll try this. is there a way to get hotsync to do the full backup only once in a while?
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    not that I'm aware of. I don't do a backup at all anymore. I only use NVBackup but I have it upload the files to an ftp server when it's done. Then I have on a card and somewhere else in case something bad happens.

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