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    I have just moved from a 680 to a centro (and starting to regret it).
    My email used to work fine on the 680. I use a normal pop3 server with 110 port (no SSL no APOP). I use the same server for my SMTP with port 25 or 587. The SMTP server works fine, but I cannot receive any emails thru my POP server. Finally someone suggested I try connecting via IMAP. It worked and I got my emails, but having never used IMAP before, I would prefer to get the Centro to work with my normal POP server.
    Anyone out there have any ideas please.
    The Error message I get in my log is 1214:1879:2828
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    When you moved to the centro, did you install the email account from scrath or did you restore everything from the 680? If you did a restore, have you tried setting up the email account from scratch as a POP account?
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    Initially I just synced it and found it did not work. So I performed a hard reset, and before doing anything else, I set up an email account manually. Still had same problem.
    Very Frustrating
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    by the way - i found this link. Exactly the same problem and no solution....

    I am also with domain direct, but I am sure if I call them they will just say it's a centro problem, since it works on the 680, 650, and outlook, etc.....

    Hope it can be solved. I don't really want to go to 3rd party email. (Any recommendations if I am forced to)
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    Lots - Try Gmail (WWW.GMAIL.COM); vfemail (WWW.VFEMAIL.NET); AOL (WWW.AOL.COM I think) and inbox (WWW.INBOX.COM). I use all three and they seem to work OK.

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    thanks, but i was referring to 3rd party email applications to replace versamail (if I have no other choice) like snappermail.
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    Who is your service carrier?
    I have AT&T and this is how I set it up.
    Account Name: (what you want to call the account...your name etc).
    Email Address: (your complete eMail address).
    Password: (password you use to log onto your eMail on your computer).
    Mail Type: POP.
    Username: (your complete eMail address).
    Incoming Mail Server: pop-server.(then the letters from your eMail that come after the @) [example:].
    Outgoing Mail Server:
    Then... click "Done".
    Nothing else.
    This works for AT&T. I'm not sure about other carriers.
    Florida Tony
    GSM: Treo 270 > Treo 600 > Treo 650 > Treo 680 > Centro > iPhone 3G S
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    its a compnay called netidentity.
    they recomend i use a pop ""
    I have tried all sorts of different combinations incl yours - no luck
    thanks anyway
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    Two more questions:
    1. Did you try using a direct IP address for the server? Long term, this is a bad idea but it would at least eliminate a routing issue on the carrier's end. You can use the ping command to find what the IP address is.
    2. Why not use the IMAP? With IMAP you will gain a few valuable items including outgoing email automatically being put into your outgoing email folder on the server. Now more BCC yourself to retain message continuity. Also any email messages that are read will be marked that way on the server and then in your email client so you don't have to reread (even if it is just marking them as read) on multiple sources.
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    cavingjan - thank you.
    I tried to put in the IP server address ( and other variants). No luck.
    Problem with IMAP is 2 fold - 1. it's mroe expensive since you use more data packets. 2. I find when I syn folders on IMAP it always resets my machine (and 3. My experience with IMAP is limited)

    Have spent a while on the phone with Palm Support. Find them very helpful, and it took me a while to convince them that there was a problem, but I managed to flummox them too. They have escalated it!!!!
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    You might also try contacting your ISP and see if there are other ports you can try. My ISP often suggests one over another for a particular connection. Luckily, the tech guys at my ISP (yay,!) are great about working with you to connect whatever device you are using.
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    thanks for the suggestion. Have been in touch with my ISP, who have been very helpful, but still no resolution
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    Did you ever get a resolution to this issue? I am having the same exact issue you describe.
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    My POP email works fine with Versamail...
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    Quote Originally Posted by billyb63 View Post
    Did you ever get a resolution to this issue? I am having the same exact issue you describe.
    Sorry for the delay.....
    No I never resolved the issue. I spent a long time with Palm Support and it took them a whole to believe there was a problem. They finally admitted the problem, but admitted defeat and said there was obviously a compatibility problem between Netidentity and the Centro. They would not try and fix it either since it was a "one off" problem. Not very helpful.
    There are 2 workarounds -
    1. use imap. this does work on the centro. (but personally it's not the way I like to work)
    2. Move to another email programme. I have moved to Snapper mail. It is far superior to Versamail, but does crash about once every week. They have a great back up feature, so it only takes a minute to restore all your old emails. Highly recommended.
    If you come up with any solutions, I would be delighted to hear them.

    I must also add, that I do find the customer services of Palm absolutely terrible.

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