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    My daughter has been having difficulties with the "down" direction on her nav pad for quite a while now. I've encouraged her to keep using it until it doesn't work at all. Well, it finally will not work at all, anytime, no matter how hard it is pressed. The phone is still under warranty.

    Customer support is such a joke these days, for just about all companies. The main reason I left AT&T for Sprint was because AT&T's support was so bad.

    First I called Sprint. They tell me to call Palm. Palm tells me to call Sprint. After much persistence, I got a repair order from Palm. Of course, I have to pay for shipping and do without the phone for two weeks, which stinks. Palm could avoid that if they tried. You know, they really should take care of the customer when your device breaks under warranty.

    Of course, I had to perform a hard reset in order to prove that software wasn't causing the problem. I don't blame them for that. I'm sure a lot of problems are caused by software conflicts.

    During the phone calls, I had much difficulty understanding the people on the phone. In no case was English their native language.

    Never had to do this before with a Palm product. Wish me luck!
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    i don't know why you would have to send it to Palm. do you have a sprint store you can go to. i have one close by and when i had a problem they ordered me a replacement.
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    Even if you dealt w/Sprint CS via phone, they should send you a new/refurbished replacement before you mail back the broken one. You shouldn't be w/o a phone.
    Good Luck

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