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    I have a Treo 755. Syncing has been flawless with the sync cable until the other day. It seems to be hanging on media each time I sync. Nothing has really changed in my phone. I take pictures regularly--nothing unusual. If I "do nothing" in regards to media on the custom page, it syncs completely. But when I let it try to sync everything including media, it just hangs there. Anybody got a way to get by this issue? Thanks as always
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    how much do you have in media? Is it hanging or do you have a lot of files (or large files) that are just taking time to copy over?
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    So after much research, I discovered all my pictures on the mini card and within the phone itself had rearranged themselves somehow. This was causing the delay. Which means you were correct. It was working due to many new locations for pictures thus the slow (3 hours) sync. The new question is how did this happen? I carry some 3500 pictures on the sd card divided into various named files. They were completely in different locations once I discovered the problem. Any ideas on this one? Thanks for the input by the way!

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