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    I just installed Service Pack 2 for Internet Explorer 5.5 on my laptop (PC).

    I went to do a hotsync and I get the following:

    HotSync operation started 08/03/01 10:57:43
    HotSync Error: Insufficient disk space. (800A)
    HotSync operation complete 08/03/01 10:57:43

    So I reboot the laptop (even though I still have 4 gigs of HDD space) and soft reset the Visor Edge. Next try... same problem.

    So, as far I can tell, the SP2 screwed something up. I was able to hotsync before the install and I wasn't able to hotsync right after. No other software was installed in between so......

    My conclusion is that it has to be the install of SP2.

    I reinstalled the handspring Desktop CD and guess what? Everything is fine again.

    Anybody else run into this problem yet?
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    I had similiar problem. But not on the same situation. I don't remember what I installed, but had to re-install hotsync from the CD.
    I now copy all my DLL's up to a CD-RW disc before installing anything. This way I can compare dates, size, etc.
    Probably a call to an API for file space and the calling parameters changed ever so slightly that hotsync got back zero for file space.
    Just a guess.

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